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BRITE WORKS is a four generation family business with over 100 years of experience, dedicated to keeping metals clean and polished. Brite Works products will help clean and maintain those high-end stainless steel grills! Now, their high quality Polish and Preservative products are available to Palm Coast Sales dealers.


  • Cleans and polishes stainless steel, polished steel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, nickel, silver, and aluminium
  • Removes rust, tarnish and stains
  • Harmless to skin and clothing
  • Quick results without hard rubbing
  • Does not contaminate metal with heavy acid base
  • No harsh abrasives – will not scratch smooth surfaces
  • Less rubbing using pre-soaking methods – do not allow to dry on metal surface
  • Leaves no residue to turn green
  •  Chemically cleans metal surface before lacquering
  • Gentle on skin contains no harsh chemicals, no need to wear gloves
  • Very little odor, a mask is not needed


  • All purpose all weather metal preservative
  • Regular use eliminates constant cleaning and polishing
  • Sure protection against pitting and oxidation
  • Non greasy, non staining, invisible shield
  • Easy to wipe on – no rubbing needed
  • Each fresh application removes the prior one
  • Cleans, but does not break down lacquered finishes
  • Used on a regular basis it will reduce future cleaning and polishing
  • Leaves metal bright and clean with a protective invisible shield that cannot be detected by the eye or noticeable to the touch
  • A little goes a long way
  • No gloves needed
  • No mask needed, hardly a trace of odor
  • Not hazardous and does not have to be shipped under a hazardous label

Growing up in East Texas, JOHN HENRY has wonderful memories of summer picnics, county fairs and great BBQ. So East Texas flavor is what he had in mind when he created his award-winning BBQ sauces, spices and rubs. His strive for perfection and superb taste are the concepts behind everything he does. He is known nationally and internationally for his culinary expertise and is certified as a culinary educator and executive chef.