Ash Removal Pan

Although natural lump charcoal produces little ash and requires minimal clean up, the task becomes even easier with the Big Green Egg Ash Removal Pan.

Works with the XXLarge, XLarge, Large and Medium EGGs – 106049

Grid Cleaner – Dual Spiral

This dual-spiral grid cleaner easily and effectively cleans a stainless grid without scratching.

Dual Spiral Grid Cleaner – 201201

Grid Cleaner – V-Notch

The extended handle allows you to clean the grid even when it is hot. The fork-tongued angled design makes cleaning the top and sides of the cooking grid a breeze. Works with cast iron and stainless grids. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Big Green Egg Grid Cleaner – 201324

Grill Light – Magnetic Flexible LED

The Big Green Egg Magnetic Flexible High Intensity LED Grill Light firmly attaches to metal surfaces for convenient lighting on the Big Green Egg or around the house — anywhere you need it!

Wrap the flexible stem around a grilling tool or attach to the handle of the EGG to aim the durable LED bulbs directly at the grilling surface. The light is small enough to slip into a pocket for quick access and has battery operated portability for greater convenience. Uses four efficient LED bulbs for a cool bright light; bulbs and batteries included.

Magnetic Flexible LED Grill Light – 002273

Temperature Gauge – Digital Pocket Thermometer

The digital thermometer is a necessity when cooking meat or poultry to safely regulate the internal temperature; an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached.

Digital Pocket Thermometer – 101044

Temperature Gauge – Infrared Cooking Surface Thermometer

The Professional Infrared Cooking Surface Thermometer safely measures the temperature of cooking surfaces without contact for precise heat control every time!Aim the precision laser light beam at pizza stones, griddles or cooking grids to instantly see the surface temperature before adding food to the grill.

Infrared Thermometer – 114839

Ash Tool

The Ash Tool is the perfect utensil for removing the small amount of ash that collects at the bottom of the EGG. Using the bar at the end of the Ash Tool, you simply pull the ash out of the Stainless Steel Draft Door.

Ash Tool for XXLarge or XLarge EGG – 114952

Ash Tool for a Large or Medium EGG – 201010

Ash Tool for a Small, MiniMax or Mini EGG – 301024

Grid Cleaner – Stainless Steel Mesh Scrubber/Brush

Heavy duty, stainless steel mesh scrubber pads outperform wire brushes – with no bristles to come loose. Includes a handy scraper to easily tackle extra-stubborn residue. Features a sturdy, extra-long ergonomic handle. Quick brush replacement; includes 2 scrubber pads.

Stainless Steel Mesh Grid Scrubber – 119469

Grid Gripper

Easily and safely grips and lifts stainless cooking grids and grilling planks.

Grill Gripper – 201089

Temperature Control – DigiQ

Temperature control so precise, it’s like having a personal valet watching your EGG!

Each year, Big Green Egg grilling enthusiasts from countries across the globe compete in hundreds of sanctioned barbecue contests … carefully mixing their homemade recipes for rubs, sauces and marinades and painstakingly trimming each cut of meat to perfection in their quest to gain the winning edge. And, most importantly, they know the value of precise temperature control for the perfect result!

Big Green Egg DigiQ – 110831

Temperature Gauge – Dual-Probe Wireless Thermometer

Cook like a pro with the Big Green Egg Dual Probe Remote Wireless Thermometer – accurately and precisely monitor anything you are cooking – and the internal EGG temperature at the same time – from a distance of up to 300 ft / 91m!

The wireless receiver displays both temperatures simultaneously so you are in control at all times – and an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached!

Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer – 116383

Temperature Gauge – Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer

This professional-grade food thermometer accurately and precisely measures internal temperatures of food with a quick 3 to 4 second response time.

Proper use of a high-quality food thermometer ensures that meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods reach a safe minimum internal temperature. Remember, you can’t tell whether meat is safely cooked by looking at it!

Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer – 112002


Enhance and protect the area around your EGG with the heat and stain-resistant EGGmat

· Eco-friendly construction from recycled materials

· Engineered for durability – stain, fading and mildew resistant

· Provides a heat-resistant pad under your EGG

30 x 42 in (76 x 107 cm)
Item Code: 117502

Grid Cleaner – Stainless Steel Mesh Scrubber/Brush Replacement Head

Easy and fast — stainless steel replacement mesh for the Stainless Steel Mesh Grid Scrubber that outperforms wire brushes, with no bristles to come loose.

Replacement Head for Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Scrubber –114280

Grid Lifter

Easily and safely grips and lifts stainless and cast iron grids cooking grids. Stainless steel with soft grip handle.

Grid Lifter – 117205

Temperature Gauge – 3″ Dial

This high quality, stainless steel temperature gauge – with a large, easy-to-read 3 inch dial – precisely monitors the temperatures inside the dome of an EGG, allowing you to achieve and maintain precise cooking temperatures

Oversized 3 in (8 cm) Dial Stainless Steel External Temperature Gauge – 117250

Temperature Gauge – EZ-Read Thermometer

Gives a quick reading when inserted into hot food for just a few seconds. This EZ-Read Thermometer needs to be in every chef’s kitchen.

Item #201218