Big Green Egg is Making Headlines

May 30, 2023

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Sometimes, the world’s best designs are also the simplest. Think of the Eames Chair or the Swiss Army Knife. Big Green Egg is no different. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the iconic outdoor cooker, inquiring minds want to know: what have been the key factors to its longevity?

“Just add the recipe for fire: fuel, air, and a spark, and you’re off to the races,” said Bob Atkinson, marketing manager, Big Green Egg. “With these simple ingredients, Big Green Egg has conquered the world giving customers exactly what they need – an incredibly wide range of cooking techniques and temperatures without the technological gimmicks that eventually fail or become obsolete. It’s the original modern ceramic Kamado cooker, and still the leader in its category.”

Combine this simple formula with a localized dealer network eschewing the “growth at all costs” mantra of big box stores, and a community of die-hard “Egg-Heads” who are effectively an army of pitch-men and women, and you’ve got a brand that 50 years on has become the gold standard for grills.

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